Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing mommies

Amazing Mommies
written and illus. by Jessica May Sears 
Good As You Books, 2009.
ISBN: 0615272258; 9780615272252
Summary: Come and explore the wonderful adventure of the adorable Flora. Flora lives in the perfect world with the perfect family. However, Flora is forced to question herself, after being confronted by friends for having two mommies. Flora visits her friends' homes to compare families. Flora realizes there's no limit to a family one may have, but what brings them together is their endless love.


  1. Hi there I have this book for my child and she loves it so much! I am a lesbian mother and me and my partner really thought this book was both enjoyable and promoted tolerance. I hope there will be more of these types of books, for me and my child to enjoy.

  2. Loved this book bought off ebay and was sighned by authur

  3. Bought off ebay as well. Much cheaper like 3.00 with shipping and everything, and was sighned by authur! Great story!!! and characters. The two mother family is not so much a issue, you actually get a feel that as long as the child is raised in a nice home with loving parents it dosnt matter who the parents are.

  4. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!