Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two dads for you : for children with two dads

Two dads for you : for children with two dads
written and illustrated by Michelle Forte
Language: English
Brompton, S. Aust. : Eye Dropper Designs, 2012.
1 v.
ISBN: 9780987264916; 0987264915
Summary: A special story and activity book for children with two dads. "Two Dads for You" is a short poetic book, written for families with two dads! It explains to children that you can be loved by two dads, and that it is normal! There is also a special activity section at the back of the book - designed to be completed by the children and their parents together and to create special memories that will be remembered forever. It is predominantly aimed at younger children - from early readers through to self readers, however children older then this have also been benefitting from the book as they learn about different family structures. The illustrations in this book are also a great tool for teaching children from other family structures about children with two dads, so they can see what a family with two dads might look like. If your family fits this scenario, or if you want to teach your children about how other family structures may differ from their own, then this book is perfect for you! 

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