Friday, November 29, 2013

Gay l-u-v

Gay l-u-v 
by Donna Frantz 
illus. by Gabriel Evans 
Language: English 
Nannup, W.A. : MBS Press (Mind Body Spirit), 2013. 
p. cm 
ISBN: 9781921883385; 1921883383 
Summary: The last time Gil played Truth or Dare with his friends, Gil was dared to eat something gross - a strawberry covered with mustard. In Silly Gilly Gil-Gay L-U-V, Jamal draws a truth card in which he has to share something about himself that his friends do not know. That's how Gil, Poncho, and Grace find out Jamal’s parents are two moms, instead of a mom and a dad. While Gil is not old enough to understand grown up relationships, he can easily accept that loving families do not always look the same. 

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