Monday, July 21, 2014

It takes love (and some other stuff) to make a baby

It takes love (and some other stuff) to make a baby 
by L. L. Bird 
illus. by Patrick Girouard 
Language: English 
Catadon Press, 2014. 
25 p. : col. ill. ; 21 x 21 cm. 
ISBN: 9780991522309 
My annotation: This wonderfully illustrated book explains how it takes three things to make a baby: sperm, an egg, and some love, and is a pretty detailed account of how babies are made with the help of donor sperm and a mommy’s egg. The book introduces children to several concepts and vocabulary words such as “ovaries,” “uterus,” “pregnant,” “sperm,” “egg,” “testicles,” “sperm donor,” and “sperm bank” and explains what each term means when it comes up in the context of the description of how babies are made in two-mom families. Children are told that a doctor helps put the sperm inside the mommy’s belly so that it could join with the egg, but also states that parents can sometimes do this on their own. No explanation of how that can happen though is included in the book. The book takes both a family-building approach because of its emphasis on the need for love in order to make a baby, and a child-conception approach because most of the book is about the brass tacks of how babies are made. The book employs the “helper” and “nuts & bolts” scripts and is recommended for children ages 5-8 because of the large vocabulary words introduced.
Library of Congress Subject Headings: 
  • Artificial insemination, Human -- Juvenile literature
  • Reproduction -- Juvenile literature
  • Lesbian mothers -- Juvenile literature

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