Saturday, March 5, 2016

Yetta & the fantastic mom suits

Yetta & the fantastic mom suits 
by Jano Oscherwitz 
Language: English 
Prancing Goat Books, 2016. 
36 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 97800692584415 
Summary: Yetta & the Fantastic Mom Suits, a picture book, is a modern version of a Jewish folktale featuring a mischievous spirit, a Dybbuk. Yetta is tired of her Moms telling her what to do. She wants to be the boss! She runs to the back yard on her stilts and spies a Dybbuk sitting high in the tall pine tree. The Dybbuk, hearing Yetta's complaints, concocts a way for her to become her Moms: she sews costumes that look exactly like Yetta's two Moms. Yetta hops onto her stilts, slips inside a Mom suit and takes off for her Moms' jobs. Trouble follows. 


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