Sunday, September 1, 2019

You Were Born to Be YOU!

You Were Born to Be YOU! 
by Evey Rosenbloom 
Language: English 
Free Spirit Culture, 2019. 
49 p. : col. ill. cm. 
ISBN: 1733684492; 9781733684491 
Summary: A children's book about the clothes people wear, to promote kindness, freedom of expression and diversity. This ode to self-expression encourages kids to be themselves— you should wear what lights you up. Have fun, follow your heart, be real, and rock whatever it is you want to wear. This creative, rhyming book is a reminder that it's OK to be you, and that you have the choice to blend in or stand out. For youth experiencing bullying and/or discrimination, the book provides a resource guide for how to find help. Your purchase supports getting this book into the hands of youth who are experiencing bullying and/or discrimination. 

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