Sunday, December 13, 2020

Jacob's School Play: Starring She, He, and They


Jacob's School Play: Starring She, He, and They 
by Ian Hoffman and Sarah Hoffman 
illus. by Chris Case 
Language: English 
Magination Press, 2021. 
32 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 1433836777 ; 9781433836770 
Summary: Jacob—star of one of the most banned books of the decade according to the American Library Association—is back in his third book and ready to put on a school play! While learning their lines and making their costumes, Jacob’s class finds itself unexpectedly struggling with identity, and what it means to be “he,” “she,” or “they.” Jacob’s School Play is an engaging way to introduce young readers to non-binary people and the pronoun options available to us all. Learning that individuals are more nuanced than how others see them is a developmentally important milestone and helps foster respect of one’s self and one’s peers. 

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