Saturday, November 12, 2016

I like hot dogs

I like hot dogs 
by Thomas V. Seminara 
illus. by Naomi Malka Litzenblatt 
Language: English 
TomNao Books, 2016. 
42 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 0997672501 ; 9780997672503
Summary: A pelican is supposed to like fish, but not this pelican. Phineas the pelican prefers hot dogs. When his mother scolds him for not liking fish like all the other pelicans, he tries again to like fish by snatching up his next fish. But when he scoops up a fish on his attempt to give fish another try, the fish he captures happens to speak Pelican and asks him to please not eat him. He wants to live he says, plus he is still young. The pelican didn’t want to eat him anyway so that was fine with him. The pelican admits to his new friend that he actually prefers hot dogs. And the fish admits that he too is different in that he can speak Pelican. The two form a bond. This is the story of a friendship between two unique individuals and a metaphor about being different.


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  2. Patricia,
    Thanks for your kind words and support of TomNao Books. Our messages are about kindness, acceptance, and the impact of generosity. Your mission of education is greatly needed. God Bless You !