Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Boy and The Yellow Cheese

The Boy and The Yellow Cheese 
by Thomas V. Seminara 
illus. by Naomi Malka Litzenblatt 
Language: English 
TomNao Books, 2016. 
40 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 069269983X ; 9780692699836
Summary: Did you know that even the smallest good deed can make a large impact on someone else's life? Most people may not think much about it but this is what a boy named Will would learn in the most unexpected way. Will loves yellow cheese. Just the thought of it makes his mouth water! One day after school, Will quickly made his way to Whitman's to buy a quarter pound of his favorite treat. Being a large man with a ruddy complexion, white hair and white moustache, Mr. Whitman can easily overwhelm anyone - especially a small boy like Will. Will ordered a quarter pound of his favorite yellow cheese. However, as Will dug into his pocket, he realized he forgot his money. What should he do? Suddenly, a petite old lady wearing a blue dress and a pearl necklace came to Will's rescue. She paid for his cheese and smiled. Will quickly grabbed his cheese and ran out, without even thanking her. Oddly, years later, Will still thinks about the Lady. Will they meet again? What will he do when he sees her? In this story, you will realize that even the smallest good deed can really make a huge impact! 

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