Thursday, April 5, 2018

There's A Caterpillar Inside Me!

There's A Caterpillar Inside Me! 
written and illus. by Marilyn Braude 
Language: English 
Warm Pages Publishing, 2018. 
120 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 0692052895 ; 9780692052891 
Summary: This entertaining LGBT fable unfolds as an unhappy Butterfly pours out her troubles to a ratty tatty acquaintance. "Mosquito,you have no idea how awful it is not to like the way you are made...not to be what others see. If only I still had all my little Caterpillar feet. Mosquito stretched his shabby wings. "How can you be other than the Butterfly I see?" Butterfly's quest to solve this fundamental LGBT dilemma becomes an enchanting fable for the whole family. Kids will love the surface/simple story and silly pictures. Adolescents will tune into the sly wit and humor used to discuss a troubling subject. And parents of little ones can use it to explain, gently and sensitively, their non-conforming lifestyle. There's A Caterpillar Inside Me! successfully tackles the profound LGBT question of what to do when the inside doesn't match the outside you. 

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