Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daddy and Pop

Daddy and Pop
by Tina Rella
illustrated by Monica Meza
Produced by Molly Summer
Language: English
CreateSpace, c2010
26 p. : col. ill. ; 26 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 1450554113; 9781450554114
My annotation: When Jessie’s first grade class is asked to draw pictures of their families, Jessie is the first to offer to share hers. When she is all done talking about her two daddies, a girl in her class asks, “Where’s your mom?” to which Jessie replies that she does not have one. “You have to have a mom,” the little girl says. “How could you be born if you didn’t have a mom?” When her daddies pick her up from school and ask her about her day, Jessie asks, apparently for the first time ever, “Am I supposed to have a mom?” to which she does not get an immediate answer from her fathers, but rather a “why do you ask?” question. When she asks where she came from, her daddy replies, “Now THAT is a very special story.” And so they tell her about the “pretty girl” who gave them an egg and the “lovely lady” who carried her to term. The story is partially told in a rhyme that in some parts does not make sense and detracts from the story. The book takes a family-building approach and employs the “helper” script. Recommended for children ages 5-8.
Library of Congress subject headings: 

  • Children of gay parents -- Pictorial works -- Juvenile fiction
  • Gay fathers - Pictorial works -- Juvenile fiction
  • Children of gay parents

Available: http://lovemakesafamilybooks.com/books-assisted-reproduction.html
Available: http://www.amazon.com/Daddy-Pop-Tina-Rella/dp/1450554113

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