Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Adventures of Tina & Jordan

The Adventures of Tina & Jordan 
written and illus. by Jessica Lam 
Language: English 
xLibris, 2013. 
44 p. : col. ill. ; cm 
ISBN: 1483667669 ; 9781483667669 
Summary: This story celebrates our differences and new friendships, through the lives of gender non-conforming children. Tina is a young girl who is not like the other girls - she doesn't like to wear the clothes her Mommy puts her in. And Jordan is not like the other boys - because inside he feels like a girl. The two meet on a playground when Tina comes to Jordan's rescue from two bullies calling him names. Through this story we begin to realize through the characters how important unconditional love and acceptance is; establishing that it's okay to be just as you are, as you are now, and that it's okay to be different. 

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