Sunday, November 29, 2015

A princess of great daring!

A princess of great daring! 
by Tobi Hill-Meyer 
illus. by E. Toczynski 
Language: English 
Flamingo Rampant, 2015. 
Summary: "Jamie hasn’t seen her friends all summer, and is now living her affirmed gender as a girl. She meets up with her three (cisgender male) friends, and is happy that they are accepting of her gender. The four friends have imaginative adventures together about princes and a princess. Jamie asks her friends to support her when she has to tell everyone at school the following week, to which they all agree. Most of this story focuses on the imaginative adventures the four friends have together, and is a story of acceptance from peers, Jamie’s gender is a non-issue. Jamie is described as ‘a girl now’ by one of her mums, and at the end of the book describes herself as ‘really a girl’, framing gender as a binary. Jamie’s two mums are shown dropping her off at the start of the book, which is a rare disruption to the dominance of heterosexual families." 

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