Monday, July 17, 2017

My Dad is a Witch

My Dad is a Witch 
by Julie G. Fox 
illus. by Illustration Pal 
Language: English 
CreateSpace, 2016. 
32 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 1534609970 ; 9781534609976
Summary: Julie G. Fox introduces children to a different type of family where a brother and a sister have two dads. Both of their dads are very different but both love them very much. The little boy tells his friends that one of his dads is a witch. His friends don't believe him and he tries to explain to them why. Seen through the eyes of a 5-year old, the story makes for an entertaining look into the workings of differently structured families. This book delivers an important message: non-stereotypical families are not weird. They are just different. 

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