Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parts and Hearts: A Kids (and Grown-Ups) Guide to Transgender Transition

Parts and Hearts: A Kids (and Grown-Ups) Guide to Transgender Transition 
by Jenson J. Hillenbrand 
illus. by Quinlan Omahne
Language: English 
Lulu, 2016. 
28 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 1483445283 ; 9781483445281 
Summary: Stories about transgender transformation are increasingly in the news. Children find themselves dealing with a subject they probably don't know too much about. It can be difficult to find a source that provides the answers they need in a way they can understand. Author Jenson Hillenbrand's Parts and Hearts: A Kid's (and Grown-Up's) Guide to Transgender Transition helps readers understand transgender transformation, both male to female and female to male. Aimed at children between the ages of nine and twelve, Hillenbrand's work, with the accompanying illustration by Quinlan Omahne, helps readers understand what transgender transformation means and what it involves. Parents can use it as a resource to explain the subject to their children in an age-appropriate manner as well as prepare themselves to answer the many questions children will likely have. Transgender transformation can be difficult for children and some adults to understand. This book shows it's natural and not a scary thing as some may think. 

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