Saturday, December 30, 2017

Little Maggie Brown: The Story of the Red Hoodie

Little Maggie Brown: The Story of the Red Hoodie 
by Anna Neal Negrete and Rheta Negrete Neal
Language: English 
GSquared Publishing 
Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. 
21 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
Summary: Parents, are you finding it difficult at best to help your children identify issues, properly deal with them, and not scar them for life in the process? Little Maggie Brown presents a series of children's books designed to do just that! What better way to teach your little one about social matters than through the eyes, and life experience of a child wise beyond her years? Imagine the connections between a child whose being bullied, and one who is not only being bullied but presents realistic approaches to resolving this type of issue in their life. Or, think of the child who has two same gender parents and has to face the potential bias from children who are not taught inclusion. Maybe, the bi-racial or blended family that has the children hurt because the other children don't believe they are siblings. Perhaps the issue is class, or a myriad of other socio-economic concerns that we adults think children don't have to face. Well, the Little Maggie Brown series confronts these issues head on unapologetically. 

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