Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tolerance Tykes

Tolerance Tykes 
written and illus. by Brooke Aiello 
Language: English 
Tolerant Tidings, 2017. 
56 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 0692937099 ; 9780692937099 
Summary: Tolerance Tykes was created to promote to inclusivity of children from all walks of life. This new series will focus on breaking down the walls of intolerance that stand in the way of a more compassionate world for our children to grow in. The purpose of this book is to instill the message that all children are beautiful and important just the way they are.Each book in the series will provide a look into the lives of ten children. Through bright illustrations, fun facts and poetry the reader will get a sense for what it is like to walk in that persons shoes for a day. Topics include: Gender Identity, Autism, Down syndrome, Hearing Impairment, Blindness, Anxiety, stuttering, Cancer,Adoption and Muscular Dystrophy. 

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