Monday, September 2, 2019

It's Just A Number: An exploration of acceptance

It's Just A Number: An exploration of acceptance 
by Tyler Burchfield 
Language: English 
Independently published, 2019. 
24 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
Summary: If we are going to raise our children to be accepting of their own gender identity as well as that of others, they must have reinforcements both at home and at school that teach acceptance for gender fluidity and sexuality. We teach acceptance of other types of diversity, so why should this be any different? For the sake of our children and their future, the word “transgender” can no longer be taboo. Schools are not the only place that education and acceptance must be taught, however. In the book “It’s Just A Number” Tyler Burchfield, with many years in education, takes a very simplistic view of gender fluidity. He introduces the reader to Daniel Day who walks down a path of self-exploration that leads him to understand that we all live somewhere on a continuum of sexual identity that is independent of society's stereotypes. Almost all parents aspire to raise compassionate and well-rounded children, and teaching acceptance of any gender identity is vital to raising them as such. Whether at school or home, any environment should be a place where students feel completely safe, therefore gender identity harassment prevention must become a part of preexisting anti-bullying programs used in all social environments. We must help others to love themselves. 

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